Monday, 15 June 2009

Harvest continues!

Just back from a fabulous Druidic weekend in Glastonbury, and have spent the day getting round our 7 hives. Today, we have extracted 31lbs of honey, making our total 42lbs for the year so far! We still have 2 supers to come off at some point this week, however, we're feeling pretty proud of our girls! The harvest should have been much larger, but we missed our 'window of opportunity' and found many frames crystallised. We can't complain, as it was our choice to go to the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids Summer Gathering in Glastonbury. As practising Druids, we're not in it for the money (so to speak), but more for our own personal use......and Mead of course!
For instance, today, we had our first experience of melted cut comb on toast, simply sublime! We urge everyone to do the same!


Up The Garden Path said...

That's a fantastic harvest, well done. We're hoping for great things in August!

My parents-in-law used to live in Longworth by the Church (Manor Lodge). I never knew there was an apiary there but then maybe there wasn't then - they left 10 years ago.

Unknown said...

Hi! Fantastic to hear from you! Thanks for the comment, and it's lovely to hear from someone who is connected to Longworth. Our 'Lottie' bees are just down the road from the church, so they probably use the garden at Manor Lodge.....and Elsabe's garden at the Manor!
Just added 'clocked' your blog and, BRAVO! Keep up the good work!

rob said...

I don't think Ive ever wanted to see pictures more than I did after reading your last post... I want to see your hives and medieval costumes and faces wet with mead. My dad writes Campbells Honey Blog and I make giant wax candles. I just love medieval fairs and period recreations and I'm a total history buff. You're so lucky to live in England where everything is so darn old and storyfull. Now lets see your beehives!