Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Relocation of a BumbleBee nest to our home apiary!

Short video of Steve relocating a nest of BumbleBees to our apiary. They had moved into a colleagues garden, and taken up residence in an old bird box! However, they were causing a bit of a problem for the family and, as beneficial as they are, they had to move.


Unknown said...

I would love to have those bees in a bird box in my garden! Sounds fab!

Good work guys!


Vanessa Tong said...

Hi ~ having watched your video I wonder if you'd be able to give me some advice? Whilst clearing an access path at the bottom of our (very small suburban) garden at the weekend, we discovered that some bumble bees have taken up residence in an old wooden crate. I don't want to call the council as I'm worried they might just destroy them ~ can you suggest who might be the best people to contact who could come & move them to a new home somewhere safe where they can live happily? I'd be grateful for any advice ~ hrafnsdottir@hotmail.co.uk ~ many thanks, Vanessa.