Wednesday, 4 March 2009

DEFRA register

We were contacted today via a local friend who informed us of a news piece on BBC Farming Today concerning bees. In essence it was a discussion on the merits of hobby beekeepers informing DEFRA that they are keeping hives. This therefore enables a database to be maintained and for hives to be inspected for disease by an approved inspector.
We have always maintained our place on the register and have therefore been inspected every year since keeping bees - but other people seem not to be quite to happy to do this!
If we are to control the rate of disease in our bees, surely a national database of hives is the sensible thing? What do you think?
Defra link
Farming Today link where you can download a podcast of the bee piece or just listen via direct link on the site.

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RYAN said...

I agree strongly with the points in this post. This appears to be a very proactive and sensible way of managing the health of hives throughout the nation.

If we are to ensure the future of bee keeping then this appears to be the most responsible and measurable way of achieving this!