Saturday, 11 October 2008

Top-Bar Hives

We have decided this coming season to experiment with a top-bar hive. This type of hive allows the bees to naturally build their own elliptical comb within the hive, rather than be constrained by our man-made frames. Our intention is to create a more balanced ratio of honey to wax, beautiful cut comb to eat, bees being allowed to live as they want, healthier drones, less disease and happier bees!!!

Watch this space...........

We have purchased our first hive via Thornes, from Bees for Development. Over the winter, we will build a stand and generally prepare it for use in the early spring. Our initial thought (always subject to change) is to have the top-bar at our allotment site, along with our newly refurbished WBC. This will allow us the unique opportunity to have three hive varieties in one spot for comparison. The idea would be that it would be a great training area for us, other local beekeepers and any interested villagers.
(P.S. The picture of a top-bar hive at the top of this post came from where you will find lots of inspiring hive designs)

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cajun_mike said...

I live in the U.S. in the state of Washington...about the same latitude and weather conditions as you in England. How did your Top Bar Hive fare over the winter? I'm having some trouble with mine over-wintering and am interested in whether it's a local problem (me) and if you experienced success. I've used my TBH in other locations in the U.S. quite successfully and I really prefer them.